How to get the author’s name to link to author’s website in WordPress

There are different types of wordpress themes. Some themes may display the author’s name for the post on the index page of your blog but may not provide a link to the author’s website. There is a very easy fix for that and that is really where the power of wordpress as an amazing blogging platform comes into play.

All you need to do is go to the theme editor in your wordpress blog admin panel. Search for the text

  1. <?php the_author() ?>

in the main index template (index.php file) and replace it with

  1. <?php the_author_link() ?>

It is that simple.

Yahoo to close Geocities later this year

Yahoo announced that it will close the Geocities service later this year. Geocities was one of the first to let people create and host their own webpages. Web hosting has come a long way since Geocities went online. Today, with applications like wordpress, you do not need to be a programmer to have your own website. The web hosting cost has become much affordable too.

Dreamhost and Amazon CloudFront

Dreamhost is now offering integration with Amazon CloudFront web service. If you are a dreamhost customer with an Amazon CloudFront account, you can use the dreamhost webpanel to manage the content that is delivered to the CloudFront. Dreamhost charges $3.95 a month for this integration service.