Dreamhost now supports Multi Factor Authentication

The simplest definition of Multi-factor Authentication is that it requires that the user provide more than one form of verification in order to prove their identity and to allow them access.

We know that passwords alone are no longer safe. To allow access to your dreamhost panel it would be safer if you were asked for another form of verification like your Google credentials. You can enable Google Authenticator as a multi factor authentication option for logging in to your DreamHost panel.

More details on how Google Authenticator works with our panel can be found here: http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Enabling_Multifactor_Authentication

CloudFlare at Dreamhost

CloudFlare is a service that improves website’s performance. CloudFlare acts as a proxy between website visitors and DreamHost servers. DreamHost is offering this service for free to their customers.

More details here.

Dreamhost and Amazon CloudFront

Dreamhost is now offering integration with Amazon CloudFront web service. If you are a dreamhost customer with an Amazon CloudFront account, you can use the dreamhost webpanel to manage the content that is delivered to the CloudFront. Dreamhost charges $3.95 a month for this integration service.